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Are you ready to amplify your voice through podcasting?

HK Productions empowers women-led small businesses to connect and inspire through podcasting. 

Want to make a podcast that creates an impact? Sets you apart? Attracts the right clients?

You’ve hit record and created your podcast. You’ve followed advice online, bought all the equipment, and have a story to tell. But it’s not generating the results you hoped for. 


I get it, every day we’re saturated with different content competing for our attention. Understanding how to capture the attention of your ideal audience and keep them coming back can feel daunting. 


Throw in the hours it takes to record, edit, and come up with engaging content while running a business… podcasting is not for the faint of heart!


Here’s the thing, generic information isn’t going to help your podcast. What you need is to understand who you are, what drives you, and what your desired outcomes are. And someone to help you get there. 


You need a personal cheerleader, someone who gets what you’re trying to achieve and has walked the path. 

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I'm Helen King and when I was learning to write my name I wrote big 'HKs' around the house. I wasn’t a subtle graffiti artist. 


I’ve never done things the right way. I started my career in radio over 15 years ago by emailing every radio station in Auckland. After getting my foot in the door at the news and talk back station Radio Live I never looked back.  

My career has taken me from building radio shows from the ground up, steering the ship as chief reporter in a radio newsroom to investigating social issues. I have a nose for a good story. 

I broadened my skills as a trusted advisor to politicians and business executives. 

My experiences taught me people want connection, they want to feel part of the story. 


And then everything changed. 


In 2018 I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at the age of 37. Cancer is a life-altering experience and I struggled to make sense of what had happened. 


When the pandemic hit in 2020  the rest of New Zealand spent lockdown making bread. I can’t make bread so I made a podcast.  I launched The C Word Radio and within a year I was the finalist in the New Zealand Radio Awards.


​I thought I was just making a podcast, what happened is I found my voice and soul purpose. 

HK Productions is the by-product of choosing to live with no regrets or 'what ifs'. 


Work with HK Productions and together we will create a podcast with a punch. 

Create a kickass strategy for your podcast?

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Sarah Snyder-Castañeda, host Adulting with ADHD podcast 

"I've really enjoyed working with Helen so far. She is equal parts coach, consultant and cheerleader. Her podcast expertise, combined with her genuine passion for helping others, has been a delight to watch and experience.

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Jen Pestikas, host Brave Women At Work

 Helen is always on top of things, is very organized, and keeps me on track! She also provides me with interim feedback on my podcasts, which is great. Helen is so vested in the growth of my podcast that she will share periodic guests with me if she thinks they will be a fit! This kind of service is unheard of and so welcomed. It's Helen's service and care for her clients that truly set her apart. As a result of the relationship we have built, I'm excited to begin working with Helen on my podcast strategy to grow my audience, even more, this year. With Helen by your side, you can't go wrong!

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Lisa Anderson Shaffer, host Joy is Now podcast

Helen always provides me with expertly edited episodes and has a way of diagnosing and treating thorny issues that other editors won't touch. Not only does she know how to edit for excellent sound quality, but she has a deep understanding of what might have gone wrong with the original recording and how to fix it next time around.