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Hi I'm Helen King and I make podcasts


With a background in journalism and corporate communications, I have a natural curiosity and passion for storytelling. Based in Auckland I  have the capability to work with clients worldwide. I specialise in podcast editing and content creation for established or budding podcasters and small scale projects. I love working with women, trans and non-binary people to help amplify their voices and tell their stories. 

As a podcaster I understand what goes into producing high quality work. I take on a small amount of clients at a time so I have the time to dedicate to your podcast. 


Let HK Productions tell your story and create captivating content. 


I offer a range of packages suited to different budgets. Contact me for a 30 minute free consultation to discuss your project. 

Podcast editing packages

Editing is a skill that can take time to master and is a daunting task if you are new at podcasting. I have years of experience as a radio journalist and editing my own podcast. Let me use my expertise to edit your podcast to a professional standard. 


Editing includes cleaning up audio (taking out unnecessary 'ums', background noise etc), making sure your sound levels are good, and crafting an episode that will leave your audience wanting more! 

Packages start from $400NZ for four episodes per month up to 60min of audio for a simple edit.  

Content Strategy for podcasters

Podcasts are a popular medium and a lot of fun to make. How do you make your podcast stand out in the sea of other podcasts? The key is quality content and connecting with the right audience. We're saturated with information everyday which is why you want to make sure you make an impact. If you are an existing podcaster or thinking about starting out, I can help create a content strategy that will take the uncertainty about what you need to do to make an impact. 

Prices start from $100NZ.

Podcast set-up & launch

Starting a podcast can be daunting, from choosing the right equipment to choosing a hosting platform there is a lot to consider before you start. 


Let me take the stress out of it for you and get in touch about my set-up and launch packages.

Get in touch to discuss the right set-up package for your budget

Let's Work Together

Get in touch and we'll talk about your next project.


​Tel: +64 027 3218085