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I'm Helen King and when I was learning to write my name I wrote big 'HKs' around the house. I wasn't a very subtle graffiti artist.


I started my career in media producing busy news-based radio programs. 

From steering the ship as chief reporter in a radio newsroom to investigating social issues, I have a nose for a good story. 

I broadened my skills as a trusted advisor to politicians and business executives. 

My experiences taught me audiences want connection, they want to feel part of the story. 


Now, my special power is to harness my client's strengths, communicate to different audiences, and craft a podcast that reflects my client's brand.

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My Story

I launched my podcast The C Word Radio in 2020 and was a finalist in the New Zealand Radio Awards less than a year later. 

The C Word Radio is a podcast for young cancer survivors to share their stories and connect through lived experience. 

In 2018 I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at the age of 37. Cancer is a life-altering experience and I struggled to make sense of what had happened. 

Podcasting has empowered me to find my voice and create a community for young cancer survivors. And I re-ignited my passion for storytelling. 

HK Productions is the product of not wanting to live with regrets or 'what ifs'. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.