Q. What do you use to edit audio?


A. I use a range of  software to ensure my clients podcasts are produced to a high standard. The products I use are; Audacity, Isotape RX8, DeScript, and Hindenburg. 


Q. How long does it take to edit one episode?


A. It depends how long the audio file you give me is and how much tidying up it needs. The initial edit of a 30min track can take 2-3 hours. A 60min track can take 4-5 hours. I give a 48 hour turn around time for urgent work. 


Q. Your prices are too high, I wasn't expecting to pay that much. 


A. My prices are based on the industry standard, my experience and the quality of the work I produce. I understand it feels like a big investment which is why you want your podcast to sound the best it can. 

Q. I don't think I can commit to making an episode every week. 

A. And that's completely fine! Your podcast needs to fit into your schedule. Some podcasters produce bi-monthly or monthly shows. And others do shorter episodes. 

Q. I'm doing all the right things, why haven't I made it to the podcast charts?

A. It can be really disheartening when you pour a lot of time and energy into something and don't see instant results! Podcasting is a long game, most podcasters won't reach the lofty heights of the big names. But that doesn't matter. Think about why you started your podcast? What are you doing to connect with your listeners? How are your social media accounts? Are you focusing on quality over quantity? 

Q. I don't live in New Zealand, can I still work with you?

A. Absolutely! I am a podcast audio editor for clients in the USA. The time zone difference often works well for people who need consultations in the evening after work or afternoons. 

Q. I'm terrible with technology, can I still start a podcast?

A. The short answer is yes! Hiring a podcast editor takes the stress out of the technical side of podcasting. Leaving more time to concentrate on your business.