How I started a new career at 40

Recently I was lucky to be a guest on Keeping Careers Real With Ali Whelan where I shared how I came to be a podcast editor.

Ali is a UK-based career coach who works with people over 40 to gain clarity around their work/ life balance. We had a great conversation about how life events such as divorce, cancer, and having undiagnosed ADHD have impacted my adult life and career choices.

Finding the missing piece

My work history is not a linear path! Now I know I have ADHD it makes a lot more sense I've experienced many twists and turns. I have followed a similar cycle many women/ people with undiagnosed ADHD and autism experience. I was attracted to high-pressure environments and would often burn out and need to take time out.

Being diagnosed with ADHD was the missing piece of the puzzle, I was able to look back at my perceived failures with a lot more compassion. Once I had the knowledge I was able to adapt and learn ways of working with my ADHD instead of against it.

Leaving the corporate world

I shared with Ali trying to succeed in the corporate world can be challenging when you don't know you have ADHD. I have spent a lot of my life 'masking', trying to suppress my neurodivergent quirks to fit in. What I have learned is the office environment isn't one I can thrive in, I find it too distracting and overstimulating. I can be too blunt, don't always understand social cues or norms!

Creating a podcast editing business has been one of the best decisions I made for myself. When I started my podcast The C Word Radio in 2020 I discovered my passion, it became a creative outlet I needed.

My 'ah-ha' moment came sitting at traffic lights and a thought popped into my head, "if your cancer comes back do you want to look back in regret that you didn't take more risks?" My instinct told me I needed to create an environment I could thrive in, somewhere my strengths could flourish.

I don't regret any of my work decisions, every job I have held I learned something from. All of those experiences and lessons have led me to create my own business.

Podcast interview with Ali

What I loved about my conversation with Ali is she asked me what I would tell myself as a younger woman. I would give this advice to any young person -

- You do have a voice

- You can achieve what you put your mind to

- It's OK to be different!

I love the freedom my diagnosis has given me and that I've discovered somewhere I fit.

Check out the episode by clicking this link.

If you want to hear more about my story, both with cancer and ADHD check out my podcast page.

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