How to avoid podfade

Oh hey there! It's been a hot minute since I published an episode of I Can't Make Bread So I Made a Podcast.

I was caught in the trap so many new podcasters fall into, I started off with gusto and fall flat on my face with overwhelm. Ironic, I know.

What is podfade?

Podfade is a common phenomenon among podcasters. After the initial shine disappears and the reality of producing a podcast sets in, many podcasters abandon their shows.

Podcasting is a long game but there are ways you can set yourself up for success.

I have tried to start my second podcast, I Can't Make Bread so I Made a Podcast, twice but the reality of trying to run a business, create two podcasts, and general life stuff made it hard.

Making a sustainable podcast

If I was a client, I would go right back to the beginning and ask "why are you making your podcast and what do you want to achieve?" I am passionate about podcasting and creating sustainable podcasts for my clients. That's where my zone of genius is and what I'll share in small, bite-sized episodes to help you women made amazing podcasts.

The takeaways from this episode include:

  • Be passionate about your topic

  • Understand why you are making your podcast and what you want to achieve

  • Most importantly, have fun!

Don't miss this episode for bite-sized tips for creating a sustainable podcast.

Listen here:

Episode Transcript


[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome back to I can't make bread so I made a podcast. It has been a hot minute. I know. So the last time I published an episode was in November of 2021. And at the time of recording, it is the night before April 1st, 2022. And no that isn't a joke. It's not an April 4th state. So here I am after what can only be described as podfade.

It does happen to the best of us. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the fact that I already have a podcast, the C-word radio, which I love and I have been making for 18 months and I got very enthusiastic about podcasting and thought, I'll start another one. And I'll talk about my second love, podcasting.

But, life gets crazy. And even as a podcast [00:01:00] manager and editor juggling two podcasts, It was a lot. And so I've regrouped and I've thought about how I can best use this channel to bring you tips and tricks about podcasting so you can make your podcasting experience better. And so what I've decided is that.

I'm going to give you short tips and tricks. You can link in and out of these episodes when you need to. And they'll just be little gyms that are going to help you achieve what you want to achieve with your podcast. I kind of wanted to call this episode. I got cancer and all I got was a podcast. very tongue in cheek because how I got into podcasting really was, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. And if you want to hear all about.

Part of my life in that part of my story. And you can head over to The C Word [00:02:00] radio podcast. I will leave all those links in the show notes. but yeah, I, I can never say that I am happy. I got cancer, but what I can say is that, it leads me to podcasting and podcasting has opened up my world in the most amazing way.

So silver linings in all of that. I think the reason, my podcast, the C-word radio has really, you know, it's still going and I still have the love. And yet, sometimes I have hit the wall, is that I'm really passionate about my topic. And so I think this is a lesson for us all. I have another brilliant. I guess, example of this happening of my life. And we would need to rewind about 15 to 16 years ago. I've always had a love of storytelling of, audio radio, just, yeah, it excites me.

I love it. And I did end up, as a radio journalist and producer for part of my career. But before I got into that, [00:03:00] that little seed of ideas was growing. And I actually tried to start a radio show at a local radio station called atta tech. But the only problem is I have no interest in ad.

I mean, yeah, sure. I can appreciate it, but I'm not, I'm no connoisseur. I am probably a bit of a, philistine when it comes to art. And so I think we were about three episodes, because. Art Attack was a great name and I had a great intro, but I did not have love or passion for what I was talking about or what I was doing.

And I think we can all learn something from there going into a project or going into, podcasting or something. the creative. But something that is going to be part of your brand. You have to be really excited about it because on your worst days, you're going to still need to be able to put energy into it.

[00:04:00] So that is my job. And so the takeaways from today is hi, I'm Helen. I am a podcast, a podcast manager podcast, a strategist, And yes, I can also get pod fade because podcasts. Yeah, it can be a labor of love. statistically, they say that people get to maybe around six or seven episodes and then give up, or maybe around a hundred episodes. And I can kind of understand, it can feel like a big slug, but.

These are my tips for avoiding that. First of all, and I know people, maybe this is overused, but don't understand what your, why is, what are you trying to achieve?

You know, revisit this, especially if this is part of your brand, to make sure this is aligning with what you want to achieve and who you are, and what you want to be projecting into the world.

The other one, is to [00:05:00] be realistic about how many episodes that you're putting out in a month, weekly as a lot, but if you can do it great, if it is starting to really wear you down, pull back. Twice a month do once a month, whatever feels right for you. And to make sure that you are going to be creating really high quality, audio and high-quality information for, you know, your potential clients or follow-up.

And I think the last one really is to make sure you are having fun with what you were doing and don't get too serious, be open to making mistakes. yeah. And just have fun and experiment, which I think is what I'm doing on this channel is about with, I can't make bread. So I made a podcast, I think trying to figure out what feels right.

and I think I have really landed on.

Bringing you short bite-size insights into podcasting, so you can make the [00:06:00] best podcast you can possibly make and make sure it's sustainable and enjoyable and something that is going to connect you with your ideal client or ideal audience. So stick with me,

Hit that subscribe button. Come follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn. And yeah, let's create amazing podcasts together.

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