I got cancer and all I got was a podcast....Podfest talk!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I had an awesome time presenting at Podfest Global this week. I was part of the International Con and shared the stage with podcast leaders from all over the world to talk about how I launched the C Word.

My desire for stories about how cancer changes us motivated me to start the C Word. I struggled to find stories like my own but I knew there were others who were going through the same experience. During my cancer treatment I craved connection and community with people who understood what I was going through. Being immune compromised I couldn't go out and meet people, online communities became my lifeline. And podcasts.

I discovered 'You Me and The Big C', a podcast produced by the BBC, presented by three women who had cancer. They were became voices of hope for me at 3AM during chemo induced insomnia. I heard experiences like my own coming through my headphones. I wanted to created a podcast that could be another persons 3AM salvation.

I spoke in my presentation about the power of storytelling and creating community through podcasting. Now more than ever as our communities can't meet in person we need ways to bridge the physical gap and connect. Covid will continue to disrupt our lives and we need to find ways to adapt.

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