It's the remix! I Can't Make Bread, So I Made a Podcast

A few months ago I started a small project I Can't Make Bread, So I Made a Podcast. A podcast where I share my insights to podcasting and talk to fellow storytellers.

Then I had a technical glitch and lost the episodes. Not one to be defeated I recovered what I could and have added two new interviews to the mix.

Two women sit at a table with microphones and recording gear
Recording from my kitchen table with Elina Ashimbayeva

Creating a podcast

I Can't Make Bread, So I Made a Podcast is a nod to starting my podcast The C Word Radio, I joke the idea came to me during lockdown in 2020 because I can't make bread.

The first four episodes cover topics from choosing the right microphone, letting go of perfectionism, and how to address diversity.

My aim with the podcast is something people can dip in and out of for inspiration, advice, and, how-to guides to podcasting.

Why diversity matters in podcasting

The first episode is a conversation from my kitchen table with the amazing, Elina Ashimbayeva, co-founder of Storyo. Since its inception in 2019, Storyo has created over 200 stories from women and gender-diverse folks in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Diversity is something I've been thinking about with The C Word Radio Podcast and making sure I'm not just paying lip service. Cancer is a democracy but when I looked at who I was having on my podcast I made the awkward discovery it was looking very white. I have made a commitment to give space to as many different people as I can. I certainly don't do it perfectly, the important thing is I'm open to learning and self-reflection.

Telling people's stories

Elina and I share a love for telling people's stories. One of the reasons I was drawn to journalism is because I've always had a natural curiosity about people. Journalism can feel quite intrusive but done in an ethical way you can provide a powerful platform for people.

For podcasters, it's equally as important to consider how you tell a person's story, what questions you ask them, how they are being presented, and what part of themselves is being presented.

In this episode, Elina and I discuss how to approach telling other people's stories, how to be open to learning, and how white folks can learn to be better allies.

Listen here

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