More Kiwis Tuning into Podcasts

INDUSTRY UPDATE: The latest research from NZonAir shows podcast consumption continues to grow in Aotearoa.

Age groups listening to podcasts

The largest group of consumers are the 15-39-year-olds, followed by 40-50s. with our baby boomers trailing with less viewing.

Younger audiences are embracing newer media and have a higher daily consumption of podcasts. Pasifika youth in particular have a higher rate of daily podcast listenership at 19% compared to 13% of other New Zealanders.

And even more exciting is 13% of all New Zealanders 15+ are daily listeners of podcasts!

Podcasts are part of our daily routine

The research also tells us people are listening to podcasts throughout the day but with a slight preference for the morning, 6 am-9 am.

What this means is people are likely to be listening to their favourite shows as they get ready for work and on their commute (or daily walk during lockdown!).

Digital media overtaking traditional media

The research also tells us traditional modes of media are on the downturn with video streaming platforms taking over from free to air TV. This is significant for podcasters because YouTube is a popular platform for consumers to watch videos.

Podcasts are the way of the future

I think the research is exciting for the NZ podcast industry. It tells us podcast trends are following what is happening overseas with growth continuing.

As the consumption of traditional radio takes a slump I think we'll see more of a rise in podcast listenership.

If you've been thinking about launching a podcast now is a great time as we move into a new season. Contact me for a discovery call to start your podcast journey.

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