My Great Resignation Moment

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The Great Resignation has been witnessed across the globe.

There's been a lot of talk about the great resignation and why people, especially women, are leaving their jobs in droves.

So many of us have the horror boss or workplace stories, the situation that led to burnout, eroded our self-esteem or left a lasting impact.

Finding clarity about work

My great resignation moment happened when I got cancer. It took a life-threatening illness for me to stop and evaluate my life. I knew something wasn't working and was desperate to know what I needed to change.

The realisation wouldn't happen for a while longer - I am a slow learner and need to touch the element a few times before I get the message.

I was sitting at the intersection, going to record my podcast in 2020, when the thought came into my head, "if cancer comes back do you still want to be making the same mistakes and have massive regret, or do you want to do something that scares you now and find out what you're really capable of?"

The Great Resignation

I'd love to say I got it all together and it was smooth sailing, it's hard to let go of fear when you have let it dominate your decisions.

My great resignation moment was me stepping into the unknown and promising I would create a business where I can 100% be myself. In all my neurodivergent glory. A promise to create a space of imagination, a space to ask 'I wonder what would happen if I did this...'.

That space has never existed for me in the corporate world. I burned myself out by masking my neurodivergent self, something so many people with ADHD and autism do.

I have never been in a work environment where I have been able to truly test what I am capable of. I never dreamed I would be able to do that.

Podcasting and me

Podcasting helped me find my voice after I went through cancer. What I'm coming to realise is my mission is to help other people find their voice, to help them find out what they are capable of. Sometimes it only takes one person to say, that's a great idea, or you are capable.

I think this is what the great resignation is about for many people, they realised life is too short and they want to let go of the things holding them back.

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