Podfiesta! How podcasting helped me find my voice after cancer

I had the pleasure of presenting at the very first Podfiesta, a

n Australasian, podcasting conference over the weekend. I presented on how creating my first podcast, The C Word: Kiwis Talk About Cancer helped me redefine my own narrative after my cancer experience.

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Here are the biggest lessons I've learned in my first year of podcasting:

Podcasting is an intimate medium

Podcasters are often a voice coming through earphones, or keeping a person company as they do their housework! Because of this, podcasting creates the possibility of community & connection.

Your audience wants an authentic experience

Authenticity is key if your podcast is centred on personal experience, life struggles or storytelling. You can decide how much of your life you want to share - your audience are more likely to keep coming back if they sense you're being authentic.

Go where your listeners are

Most of my social media engagement for my podcast The C Word: Kiwis Talk About Cancer is on Facebook. You don't have to have a huge presence across all social media if your audience are mostly using one type.

Podcasting is a long game

It can be really tempting to want to hit the charts as soon as you drop your first episode! The reality is a lot of work goes into building an audience, profile and presence. Don't give up if you don't see instant results!

Downloads aren't everything

We tend to obsess over download numbers - the truth is numbers don't matter. Creating a quality podcast with a loyal audience is a far better goal. Even if you get 10 downloads every episode, that's 10 people who are coming back every episode.

You will make mistakes...and that's Ok

I could do an entire episode on the mistakes I've made podcasting....I believe making mistakes is part of the process and you don't know what works unless you are willing to take risks.

Listen to this mini-pod from my Podfiesta talk to learn more.

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