So you want to make a podcast

Podcasts are well and truly part of the every day vernacular. Kiwis in particular are huge consumers of them, we downloaded a whooping 320,000+ podcasts in 2019! With half a million podcasts on iTunes alone it can be a daunting task to infiltrate an already busy arena. But you don't need access to a fancy studio or budget for a team to produce a podcast that gains a following.

The key is to figure out what it is that you are offering that sets you apart from the thousands of other podcasts. Before you embark on your podcast adventure ask yourself these questions; what sets me apart? What am I truly passionate about? Who is my intended audience? And why do I want to make this podcast? When I launched 'The C Word: Kiwis Talk About Cancer' I knew I could talk about my own cancer experience. I saw a gap in the market for specifically Kiwi outlook on cancer. When you are passionate about a topic you will talk easily about it. And I knew there were many others like me who wanted to hear raw, uncensored stories about cancer.

Your niche might be a hobby or a shared experience others can connect with and keep coming back to hear more. Do your research first by looking at other podcasts with similar topics or think about podcasts you have enjoyed and what made you want to subscribe. Podcasting is a lot of fun but there is more to it than talking to people and sending your audio out into the ether. Good podcasts are well researched, entertaining, thought provoking and memorable. Once you figure out where your idea fits in the market you can start thinking about the style and format of your podcast.

I'll go more into the planning side in another post but for now spend some time researching your topic.

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