Thinking about starting a podcast? Here's what you need to know

Updated: Feb 28

Podcasting has been growing steadily in the past few years, particularly in 2020 when we were all in lockdown and needed something to do.

Podcasting can be a great addition to your marketing funnel but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you commit.

Before you hit record

You're ready to invest in equipment and a podcast hosting platform, hold on though, you need to do market research first. There are millions of podcasts available across Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast directories. Ask yourself what will make your podcast stand out to your target audience?

If you are considering launching a podcast for your business a good place to start is think about what your magic sauce is - what is it about your business that attracts clients? If your podcast idea is related to a hobby or other interest the same principle applies - what is it you can offer that is different?

Why do you want to start a podcast?


Podcasters need a ‘why’ as they set up their show. Your ‘why’ is what is going to motivate you and shape your podcast. As an entrepreneur or small business your why could be to reach new clients, raise your profile, or create a community of potential customers.

The second 'why' is your audience's 'why'. Why should they listen to you? What makes your podcast special? There are so many things competing for our attention, social media, advertising, family, friends...when you're contemplating starting a podcast think about what you will offer to draw your ideal audience in and listen to what you have to say.

Establish your goals

There are more than 500,000 active podcasts on Apple Podcasts alone. While this number may seem daunting, fear not! There’s enough space for your voice to be heard too.

Once you have a firm idea of what you want your podcast to be about it’s time to do market research. Take some time to have a look at similar podcasts to get a sense of what else is out there.

How much time can you invest?

Helen is a white woman with short dark hair. She sits wearing headphones with a microphone in front of her.
I spend 10-15 hours a week on my podcast.

Podcasting is an enormous amount of fun and can help accelerate your growth but it’s also a lot of work. You must be passionate about your topic! Your passion will propel you on the days when you lack motivation. The tasks you'll need to factor time in for include; researching your topic, recording, editing, show notes, social media, copy for your website or blogs. You can easily spend over 10 hours a week on a podcast.

How much time can you invest in your podcast? One of the things that surprised me when I started the C Word Radio was how much time went into recording, editing, and promotion. If you are time-poor, consider publishing fortnightly or monthly episodes. Or record your seasons in batches to save time.

Outsourcing elements of the production of your podcast to a podcast audio editor or podcast manager is one-way many business people and entrepreneurs manage time commitments.

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