Why you need to create a podcast audience profile (with free download)

Do you know who your ideal audience is? Or are they faceless randoms?

Who are you making your podcast for? If you don't have a clear picture of who your ideal audience is you will struggle to create content that converts clients.

How to create a podcast audience profile

One of the biggest mistakes a podcaster can make is not having a clear idea of who their ideal audience is. This is especially important if you are creating a B2B podcast and use it as part of your communications strategy.

Your ideal audience is your ideal client. They are the person or people you want to speak directly to and spark interest in your services. If you are struggling with downloads or to convert calls to action from your podcast it might be time to have a look at your audience profile.

When you started your business you will have had an idea of who you wanted to target, this may change over time as your business evolves. Start with the basics and consider age range, gender, socio-economic position, location, employment, industry, and any other aspects of their life that might influence their decisions.

Using your audience profile to increase downloads

Once you have created an audience profile assess your content against what you have created. Are your episodes too long? Are the topics relevant? Are you marketing your podcast in the right places to capture your ideal audience?

If you're not hitting the mark it may solve why you're not getting the downloads you wish to have. Increasing downloads is often top of the list for goals for podcasters. I don't believe downloads should be the only measure of success for your podcast. Sure they show people are interested but they don't tell you how engaged your audience is.

An engaged audience is an audience who feels the content is made for them. They subscribe to your podcast, they're drawn in by your show notes and episode descriptions. And most importantly, they respond to your call of action in your podcast.

Another way of understanding your audience is to survey your current audience. Listeners love connecting with hosts of their favourite podcasts. You can set up a listener survey in Mailchimp or Google Forms to help pinpoint what you're doing right and what you might need to improve on.

If you do not have a basic profile of who your ideal audience is you won't be able to create the type of content that does this.

Check out my free audience profile download and start assessing your podcast today. If you want to amplify your message and make sure you are hitting the mark book your free 20-minute consultation with me today.

How to create an audience profile HK Productions
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