Why you need to regularly audit your podcast

As the southern hemisphere emerges from winter, our friends in the northern hemisphere are preparing for cooler temperatures. No matter if it's daffodils or pumpkin spice drinks appearing, entering a new season is a good time to take stock.

A podcast audit will give you a holistic view of your show, figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

How to perform a podcast audit

Set aside some time and create a list divided into the following headings; podcast downloads, social media, and website visitors (if applicable).

For each heading, you’re going to take a forensic look at what’s going on. Approach the exercise like an investigator, don’t let any judgements creep in. This is a fact-finding exercise.

Start with your episode downloads

Make a list of your download numbers for each episode. Do you see a pattern? Are there topics/ guests that stand out? Don’t worry if there’s an ebb and flow, this is normal especially over the summer months.

Podcast Social Media


Instagram and Facebook business has great insight tools that will tell you what posts have done well, look at the time and day you have more visitors, are you posting at the right times?

If you’re not utilising things such as Stories or Reels on Instagram, they can be great for increasing your reach. You can find out my experience with Reels for my own podcast here.

Podcast Website

Look at how many visitors you are getting, what type of posts bring more visits? Are visitors sticking around and clicking on other links?

What to do with the information

The insights you gain from your audit will help you see where you might need to enhance what you are doing or what your audience loves.

Another way to find out what your audience enjoys about your podcast is to do a listener survey.

If you want help with a podcast audit email me and book a time to set up a Zoom call.

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